The academy seeks to develop the talent of young baseball promises through personalized training programs and a methodology based on experience and innovation.


Our mission.

Our mission

"Our mission at the Baseball Academy is to develop and train future professional baseball players by providing a safe and positive environment for youth to learn and improve their skills. We strive to foster teamwork, perseverance and commitment. commitment to the sport, so that our students can reach their full potential both on and off the field.Through our focus on technique, strategy, and discipline, we hope to build a strong foundation for the future of baseball and nurture players leaders of tomorrow."

Our vision is to be the best training and development institution for professional baseball players in the country. We strive to provide a safe and inclusive learning environment, where every player can develop their skills and reach their full potential. We seek to be recognized for our innovative and effective methodology, our focus on technique, strategy and discipline, and for our outstanding results in the field. We want to be a role model for other baseball academies around the world, training the leaders of tomorrow and contributing to the growth and development of the sport."

Biography of our founder and CEO Argenis Diaz.

Argenis Diaz was born in a small town called Guatire in Venezuela.
From a very young age, although he did not have the necessary financial resources. It was prepared in the baseball stadiums of the town, with the only academy that was in the town. Thanks to his visible talent that made him stand out from the first moment, he obtained his first minor league contract on July 22, 2003 with scout Miguel Ángel García. The same scout who signed the player Miguel Cabrera.

He made his professional debut on May 18, 2004 with the Boston Red Sox organization.

After that, only 1135 days later, he debuted in the MBL major league on April 21, 2010.
With the Pittsburgh Pirates

In the summer of 2004 and 2005 he played in the Venezuelan summer league.

2006 he was an active player in the Rockies league. Where the team was champion.

2007 he played the full league where he batted 358 ave. I enter the 40 mam rosters.

2009 he was traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates team
2010 debuted with the Pittsburgh Pirates.
2011 signed with the Detroit Tigers until 2013.
2014 I sign with Cincinnati reds.
2015 played with the Minnesota things.
2016 and 2017 return with the Detroit Tigers. Where he was forced to end his playing career due to a knee injury.

During the years of service in professional baseball, Argenis Diaz always stood out for his excellent skills defending the short stop. Winning prizes for their wonderful plays.

In 2018 he began his career as a coach for the Pittsburgh Pirates organization where his main duties were to work with the two prospects already in the big leagues today. O’ neil cruz shortstop and rodolfo castro second base. In all this time as a coach, he was able to learn and obtain tools to teach and bring a player to his best level. What led him to create his own methodology and found today 5pro professional training.

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